Fall Break Camp


Grades K-4th


Cost per day: $35/members, $40/non-members

Early Care 8-9am, Late Care 4-5pm: $5 per day






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Fall Break Daily Descriptions: 

Monday, October 7th: Solar Energy - The sun is shining, the grass is green, and this Fall Break we are kicking off camp learning about Solar Energy. Join the Discovery Center staff as we build Solar-powered cars, make a snack in your own solar oven, use the sun to make art, and much more. 


Tuesday, October 8th: Wind Energy - Feel the wind blow through your hair as campers learn about the power of wind and Wind Energy. Campers will use the wind around them and their own wind as we race inchworms, build a windmill, and participate in the LEAP into Science Wind lesson. 


Wednesday, October 9th: Hydroelectric Energy - Water you waiting for? Join us for our Hydroelectric Energy day. Experiment with us as we build turbines, discover the power of water, and stomp in Murfree Spring to feel how the water flows. 


Thursday, October 10th: Fossil Fuels and Natural Gas - Don’t be a Fossil Fool! Come learn about Fossil Fuels and Natural Gas at the Discovery Center’s Fall Break Camp. Campers will learn about resource conservation, dig an oil mine, and experiment with gas and fire while exploring non-renewable energy sources. 


Friday, October 11th: Nuclear Energy - As Fall Break comes to a close, the activities are still Heating Up! Join us for Nuclear Energy lessons where campers will learn how nuclear atoms are shaped, make something glow, do fun chemical reactions, and more.