Coding Camp - The Maker's Coding Lab

Title: The Maker’s Coding Lab

Dates: June 15-19

Cost: $250

Grade: incoming 3rd-5th


As the Maker’s Coding Lab begins its fourth year, it will move to an online format to accommodate the challenges of Covid-19. We will still offer campers the opportunity to code video games with MIT’s Scratch coding platform and solve daily STEM challenges using the Makey Makey micro-controller. With 3 hours of live daily online instruction, campers can safely collaborate with each other under the supervision of two certified instructors. No experience is necessary, but campers should have a positive attitude and an adventurous spirit. This camp is intended for incoming 3rd through 5th graders.



  • Develop basic skills in coding video games using the Scratch coding platform.

  • Develop problem-solving and creativity skills using the Makey Makey Micro-controller.

  • Allow students to safely build authentic relationships with other campers under the supervision of two certified instructors. 


System & Technology Requirements:


  • High-Speed Internet Access

  • Laptop (including Chromebook) or Desktop Computer with an accessible USB port

  • Webcam

  • iPads, Kindle or other Tablets cannot be used with this camp

  • Google Chrome 63 or higher should be installed as a web browser.

  • Zoom should be installed for conferencing.

  • Craft supplies including scissors, tape, aluminum foil, small boxes, drawing materials, 2-3 pieces of fresh produce. (all to be used with Makey Makey)

  • *Headphones with microphone suggested



This camp is held from 9:00 am-2:00 pm each day, with RCS instructors Herman Nelson and Tim Carey. Camp days will include three 1-hour blocks of instruction. Each block includes 15-20 minutes of whole group instruction to explain the lesson. During work time, campers will be split into 2 groups with each instructor providing supervision and assistance to individual students as needed. Online Recess will be held, which is a supervised group chat where students can share, game, or socialize. A break for lunch and spending time offline are built into this schedule as well.


Rules of Engagement & How we are keeping your campers safe:

  1. For all online camps, we will utilize the beloved, long-standing camp practice of implementing a “Rule of 3.” This means that even during break-out sessions, there will always be 1 instructor and at least 2 campers on each video call. There will be no opportunities for alone, 1-on-1 interaction.

  2. Each camp will agree to whole-team guidelines for interacting with one another online. Our goal is that campers co-create best practices and safe spaces for sharing with one another virtually.

  3. All video calls will be recorded and stored securely. There will be no distribution of these videos. They will only be accessed in the event that the call needs to be reviewed by our staff.

  4. All Zoom links will be accessed by password only, and each meeting will require a brand new secure link invite, provided by instructors. Instructors will implement the “Waiting Room” option, to ensure that only registered campers are allowed into each meeting.