Coding Camp - Code Like a Girl

Code Like a Girl

Date: June 15th - 19th

Cost: $250/camper


Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Grade: Incoming 6th - 8th-grade girls

Location: Rocky Fork Middle School


Campers will be engaged remotely through various team building and interactive skill development lessons. Campers will learn robotics basics with the Solar Robot project and will explore engineering principles through challenges. With Sphero, campers will learn how to follow a logic flow and program various challenges. Campers will be stepped from drawing commands to blocks to code. Each challenge will require campers to dive into deeper level problem-solving. After building fundamental skills, they will be challenged to select a real-world problem to solve using their bot. Campers will get to keep their robot and Sphero at the end of the week!



  • Inspire an interest in girls for coding and robotics.

  • Build a community of girls interested in STEM.

  • Build skills in Robotics and Coding.


System & Technology Requirements:


  • Bluetooth Enabled Device (for Sphero)

  • Android, Kindle, iPhone, Microsoft

  • Device with Google Classroom and/or Zoom

  • Video Capabilities




This camp will run from 9:00 am-3:00 pm each day, led by RCS instructors Bobbie Jo Meredith and Clare Kaplan. The dynamic daily schedule includes plenty of time for team building, creating new friendships, and, of course, building your own robot and Sphero! Code Like A Girl campers will enjoy lunch together during a daily Lunch Social, and the schedule will also have time for taking a break and getting offline



Rules of Engagement & How we are keeping your campers safe:


  1. For all online camps, we will utilize the beloved, long-standing camp practice of implementing a “Rule of 3.” This means that even during break-out sessions, there will always be 1 instructor and at least 2 campers on each video call. There will be no opportunities for alone, 1-on-1 interaction.

  2. Each camp will agree to whole-team guidelines for interacting with one another online. Our goal is that campers co-create best practices and safe spaces for sharing with one another virtually.

  3. All video calls will be recorded and stored securely. There will be no distribution of these videos. They will only be accessed in the event that the call needs to be reviewed by our staff.

  4. All Zoom links will be accessed by password only, and each meeting will require a brand new secure link invite, provided by instructors. Instructors will implement the “Waiting Room” option, to ensure that only registered campers are allowed into each meeting.